I am new to Crew Rowhouse. What can I expect?
Welcome to the CREW! Check your stress at the door – the next hour is for you. Let our friendly front desk team guide you through the studio, provide information about our workouts and answer any questions you may have.
Ah! I have never been on a rowing machine (erg) before.
That’s OKAY! We all started somewhere. There will be new crew members in every session, just like you. We recommend coming 15 minutes early for your first class to get some one-on-one time with the coaches. They’ll introduce you to the rowing machine, get you set up and provide some basic instruction on the movement and proper form.
Each class begins with a warm up, where you can work on your form and stroke. The coaches will provide tips and adjustments throughout class if needed.
It normally takes a couple classes to truly get comfortable with the erg. Be patient – you’ll get addicted soon enough! Check out the video for a quick pre-rowing tutorial.

Why rowing?
Rowing is a high intensity, low impact, full body workout. If you want to torch calories, build strength and increase endurance… rowing is your new best friend! Working over 85% of the muscles in your body, it’s incredibly efficient. Rowing keeps your heart elevated to optimize your fat burning zone and provides significant strength-training to sculpt and build muscle.

It’s uniquely low impact, which means it’s easy on the joints, reduces the risk of injuries and great for all ages, fitness levels and experience. Rowing is an excellent option for those who are pregnant, want to lose weight, or are just getting back into fitness. Note: We always recommend you check with your doctor before beginning any fitness routine if you are pregnant or have not exercised for some time.

What should I wear/bring to class?
You’re going to SWEAT. Please wear sneakers and breathable workout clothing, keeping in mind that anything overly baggy can get caught up in the erg. Bring a water bottle (or buy one of ours!) and feel free to store your stuff in our self-locking lockers. No need to bring a towel – we provide sweat towels for class, chill towels to cool down afterwards and body towels and bath essentials if you’d like to take a shower.
Who are the coaches?
We have an incredibly talented, diverse group of coaches with a variety of fitness backgrounds, education and experience. More than motivational, Crew coaches are results driven and have all been certified by UCanROW2 Concept 2. Get to know them.
Do you offer corporate or private group classes?
Yes! Bring your crew to Crew. We offer private classes for corporate groups, team building outings and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Contact us at 306.241.8878 or email info@crewrowhouse.com for information and bookings.
What class should I start with?
Our classes vary in intensity, time on the rower and time spent on conditioning, as well as total class length. All classes offer a fun group experience and will leave you feeling sweaty and strong. We recommend trying all four and mixing up your workouts to reach your fitness goals quickly and avoid plateauing.

Take your pick! You can read detailed descriptions of all our classes here.

What are your prices?
We offer a variety of class packs and a monthly membership. Click here for prices. We’re proud to offer a 15% discount for students and first responders (fire/police/EMS). Please visit us in the studio to show your ID and redeem.
Do you have locker rooms?
We have a gender-inclusive locker room. The locker room was designed to provide maximum privacy for all members, address accessibility needs and technological advances. There are two private washrooms, two private change stalls with vanities, two private shower rooms and plenty of self-locking lockers to safely secure your stuff.
Do you have a class cancellation policy?
Reserved classes prior to 11:59 am must be cancelled with 12 hours notice.
Reserved classes after 12:00 pm must be cancelled with 6 hours notice.
Credit for reserved classes that are cancelled prior to these deadlines will be returned to your account to be used at a future date. If you do not cancel before the stated deadlines, your scheduled class will be debited from your account or a $10 fee will apply for those with limited or unlimited memberships.

Class cancellations must be managed through the Crew Rowhouse website or app.

How does the waitlist work?
If the class you want to take is full, join the waitlist! You will receive a waitlist number and be automatically placed in the class should an opening become available. We will send you an email notification confirming your spot in the class. If your plans change and you can’t make it, please cancel the class or remove yourself from the waitlist.
What is your membership cancellation policy?
Monthly memberships require a 3-month (auto-renew) minimum commitment. After that time, we require 30-days notice to cancel monthly memberships.
Where is Crew located?
We are located in the heart of historic Riversdale at 341 20th St. West (on the east side, between Ave. D and C.). Our studio is surrounded by a vibrant community of restaurants, merchants and artists and easily accessible by foot, bike and public transit.
Where can I park?
There is free street parking on 20th St. in front of the studio before 9:00am and evening classes after 6:00pm as well as free parking on the east side of Avenue D throughout the day.
Do you have a bike rack?
Yes, there is a bike rack located on 20th St. W in front of the studio.
How can we stay in touch?
You can find us on Facebook and Instagram @crewrowhouse.

(Coming Soon) Download our Crew Rowhouse mobile app for studio updates, promotions and scheduling! Click here for Android or here for Apple.